Existence: A Novel

After a horrific encounter at the bottom of the world, biologist Adalyn Price in thrust into a world of fame that she would rather leave behind. 

In the furthest reaches of the Amazon Rainforest, a startling discovery is made that will rewirte history.

Adalyn and her sister Penelope are drawn into a hidden world of danger, both prehistoric and all too human. 

COMING SOON: August 19, 2019 in both PRINT and EBOOK!


Box of Bones-

Featured in "Reach for the Sky" by Rogue Blades Entertainment

Bullets, Bloodshed and a Gilded Nightmanre await two desperate rogues beneath the volcanic landscape of Northern New Mexico.

"Reach for the Sky" is an upcoming anthology of Weird Fiction that cross the gunslinging of the Old West with horrifying Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind. 

COMING SOON: December 2019



The Bull and the Djinn-

Featured in "Death's Sting" by Rogue Blades Entertainment

A mysterious swordsman makes a deal with an ancient devil to end the curse of immortality.

"Death's Sting" is an anthology of short stories that center around characters cursed (or blessed) with Immortality in the vain of Karl Edward Wagner's Kane. 

COMING SOON: December 2019




Featured in a Future issue of Weirdbook Magazine

A Sword and Sorcery tale of cruelty and survival in the ancient swamps of a North America Undreamed Of.

Weirdbook Magazine is a classic reborn, featuring modern Weird Fiction in the vein of Pulp Classics like Robert E, Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith. 

COMING SOON: 2020-21